Aims and Objectives

General Overview of Course:

  • Looking into the mechanics of Worry - Why, when and how?
  • Self analysis
  • Switching off the buttons of worry
  • New perspectives on task management, planning and change
  • Time management made simple
  • Effectively becoming aware of and overcoming harmful addictitive patterns

This Course is a hands-on approach to the issues of Worry, Task Management and Time. This also includes dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Doubt, since all of these are closely related.

The subject and activities are presented in an interactive and lively way, so as to allow participants to gain an in-depth view or the issue of Worry.

The Course also includes practical group and individual exercises, as well as the option of individual Coaching sessions on this theme.

Since this Course is also part of our Foreign Language Teaching Platform – Interactive Focus Academy this is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to develop their English resources in a more productive way, using the language to learn more about themselves. To attend this Course, participants' level of English must be at least B1 (of the CEFRL).

5 steps into graceful awareness:

Step 1:

Understanding how worry crops up

Theory and Practice

  • What is worrying – how does the brain work to create worry?
  • When – what events trigger it?
  • Why – what purpose does it serve?

Step 2:

Why it Matters - Why You Matter

Theory and Practice

  • Transcending worry – why would you?

Step 3:

Making a Firm Choice

Theory and Practice

  • The Power of Conscious Choice - what is it and how does it work?
  • How can it be done? – Task Management, Planning and dealing withChange

Step 4:

Worry Demolition Plan

Theory and Practice

  • Practical Solutions
  • Time
  • Vice, Habit, Compulsion and Addiction

Step 5:

Carefree at Last

Theory and Practice

  • Staying sober from the compulsion of Stress
  • The Bliss of being Free inside out

I will be with you every step of the way, one step at a time, but you are the one who will be taking full responsibility for your own process of transformation, choosing it, owning it and making it happen.