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  Course Structure and Content / Conteúdos e Estrutura do Curso

EN / PT (veja versão portuguesa abaixo)

This A1 Course is divided into three 48 hour modules, totalling 144 hours of English learning and practice. These hours are divided into three parts:

1 » Live tutorials through live streaming in which teacher and students are connected. In these online live classes the teacher explains core content that students need to understand in order to communicate. Students can actively clarify doubts and engage with the teacher.

Each teacher tutorial live session lasts 60 minutes and it occurs twice a week. All students attend these sessions at once. These sessions will be recorded and posted on this Platform for future and repeated viewing. Nevertheless we highly recommend that these sessions be attended by students live as much as possible because they also include conversation practise with live interaction between students.

3 » The rest of the time is spent on Touchstone, through the teacher's guidance. Students can easily access their teacher and clarify doubts and student interaction in the Forum and Blog are closely monitored, as well as work on the Portfolio section of the Content. Teacher gives regular feedback on student's performance and whenever necessary, adjusts content to students' specific needs.

Students are given extensive speaking, listening, reading and writing practice, using up to date language in realistic contexts. There is also a Message Board on CLMS through which it is possible to interact, as well as the comment posting on this Platform, in each lecture.

On our Interactive Focus Academy students can find extra Vocabulary practice.

This course is structured for 4 hours of weekly intermittent English learning and practice. In the Methodology Lecture we explain how we manage the course for optimal language learning.


Este Curso de nível A1 está dividido em três módulos de 48 horas cada, num total de 144 horas de aprendizagem e prática da língua inglesa. Estas horas estão subdivididas de 3 formas:

em tutoriais ao vivo, através de "live streaming" onde os alunos e o professor estão conectados. Nestas sessões online em tempo real o professor explica conteúdos chave cuja compreensão é necessária para uma comunicação eficaz. Os alunos podem tirar dúvidas e interagir com o professor de forma ativa.

Cada sessão tutorial com o professor em directo tem a duração de 60 minutos e ocorre duas vezes por semana. Todos os alunos participam destas sessões ao mesmo tempo. As mesmas serão gravadas e colocadas nesta Plataforma para que possam ser vistas mais vezes se necessário. Não obstante, salientamos que os alunos devem estar presentes nas sessões tanto quanto possível para optimizarem a sua aprendizagem. Durante estas aulas também há prática de conversação entre os aluno.

Nesta plataforma os alunos também encontrarão prática adicional de vocabulário.

3 » O restante tempo é destinado ao material Touchstone, na plataforma CLMS, com encaminhamento do professor. Os alunos podem aceder ao professor com facilidade para tirar dúvidas e as interações entre os estudantes no Forum e no blogue são monitorizadas de perto pelo professor, bem como os trabalhos completados na secção de Portfolio que faz parte do Conteúdo. O professor dá feedback regular acerca da performance dos estudantes e sempre que necessário, ajusta os conteúdos às necessidades específicas dos alunos.

Os alunos praticam de forma muito ampla a comunicação oral, escrita, auditiva e a leitura, usando linguagem atual em contextos realistas. Há também um "Message Board" (troca de mensagens) na CLMS através da qual é possível interagir, bem como através do espaço próprio para comentários nesta plataforma, após cada aula.

Nesta plataforma Interactive Focus Academy, os alunos também encontrarão prática adicional de vocabulário.

Este curso está estruturado para 4 horas semanais de prática e aprendizagem intermitente de inglês. Na sessão sobre Metodologia, explicamos como gerimos este curso por forma a obtermos os melhores resultados na aprendizagem do idioma.

A1 Course Curriculum - Learning Outcomes.pdf

EN only


This is a general overview of what you will know by the end of this course.

In each Module we add information about key differences between American English and British English, higlighting Vocabulary and Spelling changes. We also add extra Vocabulary here on the Interactive Focus Academy. We always use British English spelling in our lists.

In each Module there are Conversation Strategies which are taught in order to make speaking more natural. These are not in the lists below but you will come across them and practice them in each Unit on the CLMS. There is also regular Grammar recycling throughout the course. Listeing and writing are very strong components of the course.

At the end of Module 1 you will know:

» Meet, greet and thank people, exchanging names and some basic personal information

» Jobs

» Complete an application form

» Use the verb to be in the Present Simple

» Plurals

» Ask and answer yes/no questions and expand them

» Ask and say where people and things are

» Use this / these

» Classroom Items Vocabulary

» Items in a Bag

» Numbers

» Prepositions of Place

» Use of indefinite article a/an

» Use of possessive s' and 's as well as possessive adjectives

» Describe people's personalities - Adjectives

» Family: ask and answer questions about family members

» Show interest in a conversation

» Daily and Weekly Routines

» Days of the Week

At the end of Module 2 you will know:

» Hobbies and free time

» Present Simple information questions - use of auxiliary do and 3rd person "s"

» TV shows and talking about them

» Asking for advice

» There is / There are

» Quantifiers

» Time

» Prepositions

» Let's, me too / me neither

» Present Continuous

» Weather and Seasons

» Sports and Exercise - go, do, play

» Follow-up questions

» Clothes and Colours

» These/ Those

» Linking expressions

» Like to / Need to / Want to/ Have to

» Shopping

At the end of Module 3 you will know:

» Sightseeing Activities

» Can / Can't - Possibility

» Countries / Regions / Languages / Nationalities

» How to explain words

» Ordering food

» Simple Past - Regular and Irregular Verbs

» Simple Past Yes / No and Information Questions

» Past Time Expressions

» Ordering events: before, after, when, then

» Food

» Countable and Uncountable Nouns

» Like and Would Like

Attached is a PDF of the Course Curriculum and Learning Outcomes scanned directly from the Touchstone book, as a complement to the list above.