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  Course Structure and Content

This is a Free Demo. The following information is about the Full Course.

This B1 Course is divided into three 30 hour modules, totalling 90 hours of English learning and practice. These hours are divided into three parts:

1 » Live tutorials through live streaming in which teacher and students are connected. In these online live classes the teacher explains core content that students need to understand in order to communicate. Students can actively clarify doubts and engage with the teacher.

Each teacher tutorial live session lasts 30 minutes and it occurs twice a week. All students attend these sessions at once. These sessions will be recorded and posted on this Platform for future and repeated viewing. Nevertheless we highly recommend that these sessions be attended by students live as much as possible.

2 » An extra two 15 minute video conference conversation sessions are booked for groups of a maximum of 4 students and a minimum of 2 in order to practice speaking and live interaction. You will find a Google Docs form embedded in each week's Lectures section, where you can choose and book your prefered time.

3 » The rest of the time is spent on Touchstone, through the teacher's guidance. Students can easily access their teacher and clarify doubts and student interaction in the Forum and Blog are closely monitored as well. Teacher gives regular feedback on student's performance and whenever necessary, adjusts content to students' specific needs.

Students are given extensive speaking, listening, reading and writing practice, using up to date language in realistic contexts. There is also a Message Board on CLMS through which it is possible to interact, as well as the comment posting on this Platform, in each lecture.

On our Interactive Focus Academy students can find extra Vocabulary practice.

This course is structured for 3 hours of weekly intermittent English learning and practice. In the Methodology Lecture we explain how we manage the course for optimal language learning.


Below you will find a PDF file with the Course Curriculum and Learning Outcomes scanned directly from the Touchstone 2nd Edition book.

In each Module we add information about key differences between American English and British English, higlighting Vocabulary and Spelling changes. We also add extra Vocabulary here on the Interactive Focus Academy. We always use British English spelling in our lists.

In each Module there are Conversation Strategies which are taught in order to make speaking more natural, you will come across them and practice them in each Unit on the CLMS. There is also regular Grammar recycling throughout the course. Listeing and writing are very strong components of the course.

B1 Course Content.pdf