Welcome! / Boas vindas

Welcome to Tomar!

We are committed to making this Weekend one that you will most certainly keep amongst your most cherished memories.

This is indeed not only a language learning experience in a culturally rich environment, but also an opportunity to develop other cooperative skills, interacting in a close-knit group and exploring new perspectives through our Cultural Workshop of choice.

The themes discussed at lunch and dinner will be settled according to the age group and its interests and so will the choice of film for Saturday evening.

Since people will not have much time to stay in their rooms, we encourage those who might feel ill at ease with the idea of sleeping in a dorm with other people to challenge their pre-conceived idea about this and allow themselves to experience new challenges and go beyond their comfort zone. Nevetheless, we offer other options for those who choose single or double rooms instead.

The minimum number for us to hold this Weekend 100% português is 12 people and the maximum is 25. We have chosen to give people as much individual attention as possible, thus limiting group numbers to a size we can handle in a more personal way.

We accept group bookings.

If, by any chance the total number of 12 has not been acieved until within 3 days of the event, and depending on each group's particular circumstances, we might choose to postpone the event or find another solution together.

Ready for an Interactive Focus Academy Live experience?

Come on... the fun has already started!!!