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Through our Online Blended Learning English Course we offer you innovation by using our own effective teaching method: Intermittent Language Learning © as well as over 30 years experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you are looking for creativity, motivation, consistency, clarity, personalised guidance, dynamic communication, flexibility and interactivity, positive and constructive feedback, live tutoring and the credibility of Cambridge University's proven results you have come to the right place.

This is a Free Demo which gives you access to the Touchstone Material on the Cambridge LMS for a trial period and we also offer you a 30 minute free Individual English Tutoring Session.

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Structure of complete course:

Total length: 90 hours

Divided into: 3 Modules of 30 hour per Module

Weekly time schedule: 3 hours per week - 10 weeks per Module

Live Classes: 2 x 30 minutes class + 2 x 15 minutes conversation sessions

Practice: Interactive Focus Academy Platform + Cambridge LMS

Payment Plans: per Module; per month; the 3 Modules at once

Note: This is a Demo version for 6 to 10 hours of practice. In the 24 hours after your registration, you will receive an Activation Code to use on the Cambridge LMS Platform as well as a form so that you can book your free online 30 minute Individual English Tutoring session.

There are other options besides the Blended Online model, described above.

»Blended Face to Face

(classes at Linda's School and rest of Course online)

In this Plan people attend classes at our school for 1h30 either once a week or in two 45 minute sessions. The other 1h30 of English practice is done on the CLMS.

»Fully Online Practice

(no classes)

In this plan people have total flexibility to complete the Touchstone Course material in more or less time. The Course can last up to one year. There are no classes and the student does not belong to a group. The teacher guides and encourages progress on the CLMS, interacting with student and giving feedback.

For more information about these plans, and in order to register for one of them, please check the Item Pricing Plans/ Prices, below, under Class Curriculum and fill in the following form, so that we can send you information on how to register.

Become interactive- join us!

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Team/ Équipe/ Equipa

English Team
English Team

We are a Team of experienced English teachers whose passion for learning and teaching ensures great results. We are happy to welcome you onboard! Thanks for joining our school and giving us yet another opportunity to improve communication... in English.

Somos uma Equipa de professores nativos de Inglês com experiência e paixão por aprender e ensinar, assegurando excelentes resultados. Estamos felizes por poder dar-lhe as boas-vindas! Obrigada por se ter juntado à nossa escola, dando-nos mais uma oportunidade para melhorar as oportunidades de comunicação em inglês.

I am a Linda’s School student. I hope I will be a great English speaker like my teacher is. When I went to Linda’s School, I only had a little piece of knowledge of English. Today I think it was nothing. Nowadays, I know how to write a little bit better, and I want to know more day after day. A year and a half later, my level of knowledge has increased so much that I never thought it could be possible!

Alexandra Matias

O aprendizado do inglês na Linda´s School foi, para mim, uma maravilhosa viagem – sem retorno – de crescimento interior e de partilha singela com os demais (professores, alunos e funcionários), num ambiente sempre inovador, acolhedor, e alegre; foi, também, a minha “descoberta”, ao longo dos muitos “momentos”, de uma nova e sadia pratica de ensino do inglês, em que neste caso concreto, a professora Tânia Castilho nos vinculava “sempre” e “sempre”, de uma forma divertida e criativa, ao idioma expresso em variadíssimos conteúdos gráficos (picto/fono/ideográficos).

Salete da Ponte


Studying at Linda’s School was definitely a very good experience, not only because of all the exceptional professionals that work to provide all their students the best learning possible, but also because knowing English at a proficiency level has definitely helped me throughout my life.

After finishing my degree, and while I was looking for a job I was always asked if I was able able to communicate in English with a high level of understanding, and this allowed me to get the job I wanted.

Alexandra Evaristo

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a Demo Course and it has no starting or ending date.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to this Demo for a whole year and across any and all devices you own.

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